Microsoft Edge is getting a new sidebar to reverse search images on Bing

Microsoft Edge reserve search feature

If you browse the web frequently, especially social media sites
like Reddit and Twitter, you’re likely to come across an image
that you want to know a bit more about. Chrome, Microsoft Edge
and other browsers have always allowed users to scan the image
using Google/Bing’s reverse image search capabilities.

In Microsoft Edge, there are already a number of ways to get to
Bing Image, including context menu’s “search the web for image”
or by directing visiting Bing. In the Dev Channel, Microsoft is
working on yet another avenue to access the reverse search

Microsoft is now adding a new reserve image search feature to
Chromium Edge that will allow users to share an image directly
to Bing Image without leaving the current tab. This could be a
great way to get more information and verify if the image is
indeed real or fake.

Bing reserve search in Edge
Image Courtesy: Reddit

To access the new sidebar tool, you need to right-click on the
image that you want to reverse search and select “Search Bing
in the sidebar for the image” option. As shown in the below
screenshot, this will open Bing’s image search tab on the right
side of the browser.

Edge reverse search

This, of course, comes with support for Microsoft’s OCR
which was previously offered with Office Lens on Windows
10. The feature supports all common picture formats and it
can extract text from photos, and display it above the image
gallery section of Bing.

It’s important to note that the reverse search option is not
available for everyone and it seems to be rolling out gradually
in the Dev Channel, which was recently updated to version 92.

The wider rollout of Edge’s new reserve image search capability
is expected to begin later this month.

Edge’s tabs sharing feature is now live in Dev Channel

While Microsoft Edge is a great browser and alternative to
Google Chrome, there are features that Edge still misses out

One such feature is “send tabs to devices”, which basically
lets you share tabs between your devices.

Microsoft recently enabled this feature in Edge Canary and it’s
now rolling out to more users in the Dev Channel. Edge’s tabs
sharing capability will come in handy if you want to send tabs
from your mobile to desktop or vice versa.

It’s important to remember that it will work only when devices
are signed in with the same Microsoft account.

All these new features are expected to become available in the
stable channel with version 92.

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