Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature that is missing from most browsers

Microsoft Edge sidebar feature

At its Build conference in May, Microsoft announced that a new
sidebar search experience will be coming to its Edge browser
later this year.

As expected, the new sidebar search feature is now rolling out
to Microsoft Edge in the stable channel (production build). In
Microsoft Edge version 87.0.664.5 or newer, you can now access
a new sidebar that lets you select text on a web page and
perform a Bing search within the browser tab.

As you can see in the screenshot below, a new sidebar panel
with Bing search engine appears on the right side of the
browser with links and cards to webpages.

Microsoft Edge sidebar search

To access the sidebar search panel, you need to highlight a
word or phrase to get more information via Bing. The sidebar
search feature is helpful when you want to know more about a
certain topic without leaving the current tab.

For example, you can highlight the word ‘Microsoft’ in this
article and right-click and then select ‘Search in the sidebar’
to access the panel.

Also, ‘Search the web’ option is not being replaced or removed,
which means Microsoft will still allow users to open the
keyword separately in a new tab.

In addition, the sidebar search feature can be accessed
directly from the address bar, as shown in the screenshot

Sidebar search

It’s worth noting that ability to search content within the
browser tab has been brought from the original Microsoft Edge
(legacy). In Microsoft Edge (legacy), you can use a feature
called ‘Ask Cortana’ to access Bing search results in the

Considering the feature is rolling out without any public
announcement, it is likely that it will be made available to
more users in the coming days. As per our testing, the new
sidebar search panel is included in Microsoft Edge 87 for
Windows 10, Windows 7 and macOS.

Microsoft is constantly experimenting with Chromium-based Edge,
and new features were also added to the browser in the beta
channels. For example, yesterday’s
Edge Canary update shipped with support for Windows 10’s
metered connection, which could help users throttle the
data usage in the background.

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