Microsoft Edge is coming to Windows 11’s Microsoft Store

Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 Store

It seems that Microsoft is finally ready to release Microsoft
Edge directly via Microsoft Store – or at least, a test version
is now available on Windows 11’s Microsoft Store, which
certainly points to the possibility of this happening before

As you’re probably aware, Windows 11 comes with a new Microsoft
Store and it will allow developers to publish their unpacked
Win32 desktop apps to the store. These unpacked desktops are
now compatible with the Windows Store and optimised for both
Windows 10 and Windows 11.

In other words, you’ll soon be able to download web browsers,
Microsoft Teams, VLC media player, and other full desktop apps
on the store. Starting today, Windows 11 testers can already
download and install Chromium-based Microsoft Edge from the
redesigned app store.

Microsoft Edge in Store

With one click, the browser will be downloaded swiftly.
However, it appears that the Store is only downloading the
installer of Edge. To complete the installation process,
Microsoft Store states that users need to open another window
and Edge bits will be downloaded outside of the Store.

The Store in
Windows 11 will also allow users to download web extensions for
Microsoft Edge. In the preview builds, typing in ‘Edge’ in
the search bar of the Microsoft Store will show a few new
extensions designed for the Chromium version of the browser.

The current extension store isn’t going away, which means users
can download and install extensions from both stores.

This is exciting because it shows that Windows 11’s app store
will finally support all desktop apps, as Microsoft promised
during the event. According to support documents, all
Chromium-based browsers are allowed, so it’s likely that
Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi and other Chromium browsers will also
make their way to Windows 11 app store soon.

Mozilla has also
confirmed that it’s planning to publish its Firefox browser
in the Windows 11 store.

Other apps and browsers coming to Windows 11 store

In addition to Edge, Microsoft is also bringing Notepad and
Paint to the Store. These popular first-party apps become
separate Store-updateable applications on Windows 11, with
their own section and page on the Microsoft Store.

This means Notepad, Paint and other native Windows apps will
now be able to receive new features and upgrades automatically
via the Microsoft Store, rather than needing to wait for
Windows 11 features.

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