Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 will soon have a feature to install PWAs

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Microsoft in its keynotes last couple of days at the Build
conference has revealed many new features which will be part of
its next major update Redstone 5. The next update would bring
new display modes to the PWAs and other enhancements.

The company also announced that with the upcoming update users
will be able to download the PWAs directly from the Edge
browser. PWAs are basically web apps which use the Service
Workers available for PCs with Windows 10 April 2018 update and
act as native apps by providing features like notifications,
Live Tile and more.

Microsoft has already pushed out a lot of PWAs to its Microsoft
Store in last month. The PWAs can be directly submitted by
the developers and Microsoft could also publish the PWAs with
help of Bing search engine.

Any new features added to the websites will automatically be
available in the application across platforms since the PWAs
support cross-platform functionality. The developers need not
submit any new feature update to Microsoft.

Microsoft on the second day of the Build 2018 noted that users
will now get the option to install PWAs directly from the Edge
browser. This would mean that Windows users could soon see the
Google apps in the Microsoft Store which have been absent for a
long time now.

In other words, the PWA which are available on the web could be
easily installed in Windows 10 from the Edge browser. It
remains to be seen though if Windows users will be able to get
to install any or all of the Google’s core apps in the near
future. Needless to say, Microsoft is putting a lot of efforts
in bringing the PWAs to its Store to fill the app gap which has
affected the company in competing with Apple and Google.

Microsoft Store already has a large barrage of PWAs which
include Twitter, Trivago, Skyscanner and more. If Microsoft is
able to convince Google to push its core apps as PWAs then it
could help the company in filling the app gap it has been
striving for very long.

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