Microsoft Edge has been downloaded over five million times on Android

Microsoft Edge
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Back in 2017, Microsoft surprised everyone when the company
released its Edge browser for Android, and later
for iPhones. It appears that Microsoft recently hit an
important milestone as Edge officially surpassed five million
downloads on Google’s Play Store, although it’s minuscule when
compared to Microsoft’s other offerings on Android.

Microsoft Edge’s five million downloads is an impressive feat.
Edge on Android is a feature-rich browser, and it also supports
capabilities like Continue on PC.

The performance is also up to the mark, thanks to its use of
Chrome’s Blink engine and the improvements that Microsoft made
to Edge to improve the rendering of web pages.

Microsoft has already given up on its own mobile platform, but
the company appears to be fully committed to third-party
platforms, and the software giant is already experiencing
some degree of success. Edge is one of the
popular apps on the Play Store, along with Microsoft
Launcher and Cortana.

Edge on Android comes with a handful number of features, such
as Reading List, built-in AdBlocker, dark theme, snappy
performance, “Continue on PC,” which lets you pick up
where you left off on your Windows 10 device.

Microsoft Edge’s Continue on PC feature makes the browser
really useful, and it stands just fine on its own as a solid
browser alternative to Chrome, on the Android operating system.

You can search for Edge on Google Play Store, and give it a
try. You’ll find Edge as one of the solid alternatives to
the likes of Firefox and Opera. Let us know in the comments if
you’ve given Edge a shot on your Android phone.

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