Microsoft Edge gets Outlook integration in the latest update

Microsoft 365 services have seen immense usage in the light of
work from the home period. Earlier this year, Microsoft
detailed a number of new features for Office 365 services,
starting with Outlook integration in Windows 10’s default
browser Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft announced that paying enterprise and customers with
their free accounts will be able to access Outlook emails on
Microsoft’s New Tab Page. This is similar to the long-existing
Meet Now integration in Windows 10’s taskbar or
that allows for video calling.

Like the Meet Now integration in Microsoft Edge, it would take
the form of a pop-up on the browser’s first page (NTP). As you
can see in the below screenshot, incoming emails can be
accessed directly from the new tab page and the three most
recent emails will appear within the pop-up.

To get started, open Microsoft Edge’s NTP (homepage) and click
on the plus sign next to the current quick links. Under
suggestions, select Outlook.

Sign in to Outlook with the same account you use for Microsoft
Edge for this feature to work properly. Once enabled, you can
also send an email or click on the event button to generate a
meeting in Outlook, which can be synced across all other
services like Microsoft Teams.

Outlook in Microsoft Edge

You can still click on the Outlook icon to open the website on
a new tab page.

In addition to Outlook integration, Microsoft is also exploring
support for web apps in Google Chrome and Chromium Edge.
One of the features will enable support for the “Open With”
dialog box on Windows 10.

Microsoft’s proposal will allow the web apps to appear
alongside other apps on Windows 10 when users click on URL
protocols, such as mailto://. Once enabled, web apps can
register themselves for various protocols and it will also
enable support for multiple browser profiles, which should
benefit apps like Outlook.

The software giant is also testing support for
reverse image search,
Microsoft Office integration, and other features in the
latest preview build of Edge.

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