Microsoft Edge gets full page screenshot and custom themes support

Microsoft Edge web capture support

Microsoft is rolling out two new features for Microsoft Edge as
part of its beta testing program over the next few days.
Starting today, some Edge Canary users will get access to two
new features named Web capture and Custom NTP themes.

As the name of the first feature hints, Web capture allows you
to take a screenshot of the webpage and share it with users
using Windows 10’s share UI.

You can access the screenshot tool from the ellipsis menu of
the browser and it currently lets you select a section of a
website and copy it to your clipboard. If you use Windows Cloud
Clipboard feature, you can sync the clipboard content across
your devices.

Microsoft Edge screenshot tool

Windows 10 already comes with a built-in screenshot tool that
lets you capture screenshots of the Edge browser too, but your
captures are limited to what is viewable on the screen.

With Edge’s Web capture, you can also capture the entire page
by dragging the capture area to the bottom of the webpage.
You’ll notice that Edge will be scrolling down to capture the
whole page and once finished, a menu bar will appear with two
options – Copy and Preview.

With the preview option, you can share the capture to your
connected mobile device for later viewing. This works only when
you use Windows 10’s Your Phone app.

Custom themes support for New Tab Page (NTP)

Microsoft has also added another feature to the Edge Canary
that allows you to apply custom themes to the new tab page.
After the next update, you can finally enable Chrome themes in
the new tab page, which is not possible in the stable builds

To enable Chrome themes in the new tab page of Edge, simply
open a new tab and click on the settings icon.

Edge Canary custom theme

As shown in the screenshot above, you need to select the
‘Custom’ option and then enable your Custom theme if you’ve
installed it.

In addition,
Microsoft is rolling out another feature that will reduce CPU,
memory and battery usage on some devices.

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