Microsoft Edge gets efficiency mode and improved “Find on page”

Microsoft Edge browser is slowly getting better and its market
share has also increased in recent months thanks to the growing
list of features. Users seem to favour Microsoft Edge over
offerings from companies like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
because of the browser’s performance and features.

With the latest update, we’re getting yet another new feature
that would give Microsoft Edge the ‘edge’ over the competition.
The feature is called efficiency mode (formerly known as
Performance Mode) and it will allow users to optimize their web
browsing responsiveness.

As the name suggests, efficiency mode has been designed to
minimize power usage, reduce CPU and memory usage. The
optimization will extend battery life and Microsoft says
it will also result in better performance of the operating

Microsoft Edge efficiency mode

However, Edge’s performance mode benefits might vary depending
on your device, applications, and individual browser habits. So
how does it work? According to Microsoft officials, Chromium
Edge will automatically background tabs to sleep after 5
minutes of inactivity.

This currently works when sleeping tabs is on.

There may be some issues when you use the feature, according to
Microsoft. For example, Microsoft Edge animation could slow
down when you’re not using the browser actively. This is
noticeable when you minimize the browser and open another app
and then return back to the browser.

It can also cause videos to be less smooth, so you should
disable the feature when you’re streaming YouTube or Netflix.

Edge’s efficiency mode benefits anyone who runs Microsoft Edge
ongside other apps on Windows. This feature is currently
available in Microsoft Edge  95 and it has been rolled out
to everyone.

Microsoft Edge’s “Find on page” is getting better

If you’re searching for a keyword in a long-form piece of
content, you can use Microsoft Edge’s “Find on page” feature.
Currently, a little search box pops up when you enter the words
you need, but there’s one major drawback: lack of support for
related matches.

In Edge Canary, Microsoft is testing support for a new Find on
page tool with a new toggle to enable the option to include
related matches, similar to Microsoft Word or Notepad.

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