Microsoft Edge gets another brilliant notifications feature on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge notifications

After the introduction of Progressive Web Apps (PWA), websites
are becoming more and more like apps these days. Websites also
come with the ability to send you alerts (notifications) which
are supported in every browser including Chromium Edge.

Unfortunately, websites are also becoming more annoying after
every news site started asking for your permission to send you
notifications. Nobody needs all that noise and
Microsoft already allows users to turn off notifications in
Microsoft Edge.

With the next update, Microsoft plans to introduce a new
feature on Windows 10 that will ensure users never miss out on
the notifications. Currently, users miss out on notifications
when the browsers are closed. This is because Chrome, Edge or
Firefox are designed to alert you only when they’re running in

When you finally launch the browser, you’ll stumble across a
bunch of notifications, and you can’t progress until you
dismiss all notifications manually.

The good news is Microsoft’s new browser will finally support
background notifications feature to deliver alerts in real
time. Once enabled, websites won’t annoy you with unwanted
pop-up notification when you launch Microsoft Edge. Instead,
you’ll recieve the alerts as they arrive.

Microsoft is also enabling support for improved “badges” in
Chromium Edge to show badges on the taskbar even when the
browser is not open.

Edge badges

According to a Chromium commit, Microsoft is testing another
feature for Chromium Edge that will improve its Action Center

“Previously, the notification close event was fired
periodically every 10 minutes for the notification no longer
displayed in the action center. But when the notification is
clicked, we should fire the notification click event only. This
change update Chromium to not fired notification close event
for notification click in the action center,” Microsoft

Chromium Edge’s new notifications experience works only on
Windows 10 version 20H2 or newer and it’ll begin rolling out to
users later this year.

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