Microsoft Edge gets a new game and security feature

Microsoft Edge update

Beginning February 26, Microsoft said it will begin replacing
the classic Edge with the new Edge on PCs in Release Preview
Ring of the Insider program. After beta testing the Edge update
with Insiders, consumers will get it later this year and
businesses will have a choice of whether to accept the new

Edge is built upon Google’s Chromium open-source engine and
it’s a solid mainstream browser with multiple tempting
features. Like the old Edge, the new Edge is also integrated
into Windows 10 but Edge updates are no longer tied to Windows
10 feature updates, which allows Microsoft to update the
browser more frequently.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new update for the Edge Dev
Channel and it introduces a new surf game. Like the dinosaur
game in Chrome, users can play the surf game without internet
in Microsoft Edge.

The tech giant is currently testing the surf game with Insiders
and the game looks a lot like the company’s old-school SkiFree
game. Like Chrome’s dinosaur game, you can play Microsoft’s
surfing game with a mouse, keyboard, gamepad or by tapping on
your touch-enabled display.

Edge surf game

In the surf game, you’ve to ride the waves and go as far as you
can while avoiding obstacles such as stones, woods, and Kraken.
You need to collect coins and reach the finishing line via the
shortest possible route, but you can keep playing until you die
three times in the game.

Security feature

Microsoft Edge (stable) is getting a new feature that blocks
downloads of software programs that Microsoft Defender’s
SmartScreen identified as potentially dangerous, malicious or

Edge’s Potentially Unwanted apps (PUA) feature would detect and
block you from downloading potentially unwanted programs on the
system. For example, Edge might block programs that inject
advertisement or search engines into the browser or system

Microsoft Edge PUA

In Microsoft Edge 80.0.338.0 or newer, you can turn on the
feature from Settings > Privacy and services where you have
to scroll down to Services section and enable the option.

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