Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 gets new features in latest update

Edge browser

Microsoft has rolled out a new build of Chromium-based Edge Dev
with several new features and improvements. A new update for
Edge Canary is also available with themes setting and media
autoplay block experimental flag.

Microsoft Edge Dev Build adds a new feature that
allows the browser to read the contents in PDFs aloud. The
classic Edge browser also shipped with read aloud for PDFs and
it’s finally part of the new Edge browser to offer an advanced
PDF reading experience.

Microsoft is also enabling the secure receipt of payment card
data and application reputation from SmartScreen.

The update introduces support for HEVC (High-efficiency video
coding) decoder and enables Windows Defender Application Guard
by default. Microsoft has also added a new recent category to
the History page.

Nifty improvements

Chromium-based Edge supports extensions from Microsoft Store
and as well as Google Chrome Web Store. After today’s update,
the browser can now sort extensions from Microsoft Store and
other stores (Chrome Store).

You can save pages as MHTML from Edge’s reading view and you
can also view DRM content in PDF.

It’s worth noting that Dev branch is updated weekly, and new
features are shipped to the Canary branch regularly.

Edge Canary gets a new theme setting

Edge settings

Microsoft Edge Canary has been updated with a new theme setting
that allows users to manually choose light or dark theme,
regardless of Windows 10’s system settings.

You can change the theme in Microsoft Edge from Menu >
Settings > Appearance and Theme.

Finally, Edge Canary now comes with a new experimental flag
‘Limit media autoplay’ that should block videos from
auto-playing on some websites.

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