Microsoft Edge faces backlash over new shopping feature/bloatware

Microsoft Edge bloatware backlash

Microsoft Edge, apart from its features and performance, is
known for its modern user interface that matches the look of
Windows 10 and Windows 11. With minimal bloatware, Microsoft
Edge has been fast and user friendly. However, the company has
been slowly adding unnecessary shopping features to the Edge
and users are not happy.

The latest addition is “Buy now, pay later” or “BNPL”
integration in Edge. For those unaware, this service is offered
by some e-commerce companies like Target and Wallmart. It
basically allows users to make purchases between $35 – $1,000
through Microsoft Edge and then split the payment into 4
instalments over 6 weeks.

This would allow Edge users to break their online payments into
instalment payments (which may be interest-free) and get the
product. Microsoft is baking the “Buy now, pay later” feature
into the Chromium-based Edge’s address bar/autofill popups on
Windows and other platforms.

Microsoft Edge bloatware
BNPL in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge’s “Buy now, pay later” option will automatically
appear when you try to make payments. In a way, Edge’s new
feature will encourage people to buy more everyday items than
they might otherwise. That’s because you don’t pay for the
product the moment you buy it and it is psychologically less
painful, similar to Credit Cards.

Unsurprisingly, users have showcased their displeasure around
Microsoft Edge’s “Buy now, pay later” integration. Users have
made sure that let the tech giant know about the negative
effects of the feature by flooding the official announcement’s
comment section with criticism.

One angry Edge user said:
“it’s impressive how quickly you can throw away years of hard
work and goodwill with a ridiculous feature like this. Even the
Bing features are getting too aggressive”.

“This is an awful idea. Please cancel this project. You are
making your browser worse, and the lives of anyone who uses
this feature worse,” another user wrote in the forums.

Users have also expressed displeasure over other unwanted
features getting added to Microsoft Edge, with one saying:
“People just want a solid reliable browser with less
distracting features. Even the Bing features are getting too

Edge 96 and bloatware

To recall, Microsoft Edge 96 was recently launched for Windows
and macOS with several under the hood improvements. For
example, Edge 96 stable release comes with some consumer-facing
features, including built-in
Microsoft Office integration for opening documents in the

Unfortunately, Edge 96 is also believed to be the first version
of the browser with the “Buy now, pay later” integration. At
the moment, BNPL integration is not live in Edge 96, but it
will be enabled for users in the coming days.

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