Microsoft Edge can now share tabs between Windows 10 and Android

Microsoft Edge share tabs update

A Microsoft Edge Canary update is now rolling out for Windows
10 and Android, and it enables a new feature that lets you send
tabs to different devices. Microsoft Edge appears to be getting
Chromium’s “Send to my devices” feature, which was first added
to Chrome in 2019 and it basically allows you to share pages
with other devices.

This handy tool, which has started rolling out to a small test
base earlier today, eliminates the need to use favourites, tab
sync, history feature or email when you’ve to send URLs to

To use the “Send to my devices” feature, make sure you’re using
Microsoft Edge Canary 92.0.873.0 on desktop and Canary
92.0.870.0 on Android. Once you’ve updated the browser, you
need to right-click on a link or tab and select the option
‘Send link to [device name].

This will send the current page to your second Windows device
or Android phone if the other device is also signed into your
Microsoft account. As shown in the GIF below, users can also
access the feature directly from the address bar.

Edge share tabs

If the feature is also enabled on your phone, it will receive
an alert that includes the URL (site name), name of the page,
and sharing device.

Microsoft Edge Android

As you see in the third screenshot, Microsoft Edge for Android
features the “Share to my device” option in the Share menu. On
Android, you need to select the device from the list and the
link will instantly appear in Windows 10’s notification center.

Microsoft Edge Canary tabs share

Clicking the notification on Android or Windows launches the
shared page in Microsoft Edge

In our tests, we were able to share tabs between Microsoft Edge
for Windows 10 and Android without any issues. The feature is
currently not available in macOS, at least on our test

It seems like a step in the right direction and it could
finally bridge the gap between Google and Microsoft Edge. As
the feature is just beginning to work in Canary version 92,
it’s likely that it will reach stable channels with Edge 92 or

In addition to these fancy features,
Microsoft Edge also appears to be getting faster on Windows 10
and macOS with a new performance mode.

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