Microsoft Edge browser is getting voice typing integration and more

Voice is now an important integration method on Windows 10 and
it’s slowly becoming a popular option for users. Windows 10 has
long featured voice search support and the same capability is
now heading to Microsoft Edge in the latest update.

The feature appears as a new option ‘voice search’ in the
context menu of Edge. The option appears both on the homepage
(new tab page) with Bing – and on every address bar when you

Functionality-wise, Microsoft Edge’s voice search on is quite
straightforward. Tapping the option opens Windows dictation
that users can close by clicking anywhere on the screen or with
ESC keyboard shortcut.

Edge voice typing

The Windows dictation screen with “Initiallilizing” appears
first and is followed by “Listening…” once the audio is
detected by Microsoft Edge and Windows 10.

Once complete, Windows sends the query to Edge and Bing search
results appear.

Microsoft Edge voice search

At the moment, voice search is rolling out to Microsoft Edge
users in the Canary channel only and it will be released to
everyone later this year.

Remember that the voice search option cannot be removed from
the context menu as Microsoft currently doesn’t allow users to
customize the menu.

Voice search in Edge

As shown in the above screenshot, Microsoft is testing a voice
search option for the new tab page as well and it’s based on
the same approach.

Edge can now block auto-playing content

In addition to voice search integration, Microsoft Edge is also
getting a new feature that will automatically block
auto-playing video contents. These auto-playing videos
typically consume more data and battery, and the setting to
automatically disable auto-playing video is a welcome

Microsoft Edge is getting a new mini context too, which is
meant to be clutter-free, obviously.

There’s also a new download manager, which can be accessed from
the toolbar. Using the new download manager, you can start,
pause, resume and stop downloads directly from the toolbar.

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