Microsoft Edge 92 released for Android with Windows 10 tabs share and more

Microsoft Edge 92 mobile

Microsoft Edge 92 (stable) is now available on Android and it’s
based on the latest version Chromium. The old Microsoft Edge
for Android was based on a very old version of Chromium and
several features were missing, such as screenshot tool, tabs
sharing, experimental flags, and more.

If you’re looking for a new web browser on Android, then you
should definitely try Microsoft Edge, a feature-rich web
browser based on the same underlying engine that powers Google
Chrome. Chromium-based Edge 92 is compatible with Android 5.0
and newer devices, and it comes with support for Windows 10’s
tab sync.

Microsoft already lets you access tabs and browsing history
from other devices when they’re using the same Microsoft
account. Microsoft Edge 92 makes it possible to send your
tabs across Windows, macOS, and Android. To use this tab
sharing feature, you will need to use the same Microsoft
account across all of your devices.

Microsoft Edge 92

As you can see in these screenshots,
Microsoft Edge’s built-in tab sharing tool, which was
previously exclusive to desktops, now allows users to send tabs
to mobile or vice versa devices.

On Android, you need to click on the three dots menu and select
the share button. Once done, click on the “Send to devices”
option and select the device.

Microsoft Edge 92 tab sharing

With just a few clicks you don’t need to email a URL to open on
desktop or mobile. Using the tab sharing tool, you can easily
share URLs between the two platforms.

Edge 92 tabs sharing

On desktop, you can right-click anywhere within the website and
select “send page to your devices”, and finally click on a
device name.

Edge tab sharing

Since Chromium Edge was released in January of 2020, a proper
mobile companion and tab syncing have been missing from
Microsoft’s revamped browser. With today’s update, Microsoft
has finally addressed these major drawbacks of its Edge

In addition to the tab sharing tool, Microsoft Edge has also
received performance improvements and support for new
experimental flags. For example, users can now turn on the
new scrolling flags to improve the web browsing experience.

UI and UX improvements with Edge 92 for Android

Edge functions largely as you would expect and it comes with
all necessary features, including the ability to sync browsing
and collections data between devices.

Other features include Microsoft Translator integration,
Microsoft Defender Smartscreen, screenshot tool (via share
menu), performance improvements, and minor UI tweaks.

To download and install Edge 92, visit the Play Store and check
for updates. If you do not see the update, check back later or
manually install the update by downloading the APK file.

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