Microsoft Edge 91 update rolling out with new features, improvements

Microsoft Edge 91

Microsoft Edge 91 update is now rolling out gradually on
Windows 10 and macOS.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically in
the coming days or weeks, but users can always manually
download Microsoft Edge 91 by checking for updates in the

Edge 91 comes with performance improvements (sleeping tabs,
startup boost), new colourful themes, and more. Microsoft
claims that this would be the fastest version of the browser on
Windows and more improvements are coming later this year. This
update also fixes numerous bugs.

List of new features in Microsoft Edge 89

  1. PDF reader mode
  2. Support for Speech Recognition APIs
  3. Password dashboard
  4. Wikipedia mode
  5. Web capture gets Collections integration
  6. New theme colours
  7. Blocking auto-playing video
  8. Mini menu and dictionary

1. Improved PDF reader mode

If you’re looking for a browser with superior PDF features,
your best bet would be Microsoft Edge. In Edge 91,
Microsoft has enabled support for a raft of PDF
capabilities. These improvements will take Chromium Edge
beyond being a simple documents viewer and beyond what Google
Chrome or other browsers offer.

In the latest update, Microsoft is making improvements to the
text selection experience within the documents. After the
update, you can expect a “smoother and more consistent”
experience when selecting texts using the cursor and keyboard.
This feature will benefit all PDF documents.

There’s also a new option that will allow you to print the
current page of the documents. To do this, select the ‘Current
Page’ option under the ‘Pages’ section.

For consumers and enterprise customers, digital signatures can
now be used to validate the authenticity of changes made in a
document. Users can use Microsoft Edge to validate the
signatures on PDF files, which means you no longer have to use
third-party services or extensions.

Last but not the least, Microsoft is improving scrolling
performance for a smoother scroll experience in PDF documents.
You should no longer see white bars appearing during scrolling.

2. Support for Speech Recognition APIs

Microsoft is introducing support for APIs to enable better
speech recognition commands on and similar sites.

3. Password dashboard

Starting with Edge 91, Microsoft can now reveal which of your
passwords are weak and have been reused across accounts. This
feature works only when you’re syncing your passwords to your
Microsoft account.

Microsoft believes that a password security dashboard will
allow users to stay informed about security on the web.

4. Wikipedia mode

Microsoft is enabling support for Immersive Reader on Wikipedia
to improve its overall experience and Table of Contents so you
can easily navigate through pages. To navigate pages, click on
the icon in the toolbar and it will open the navigation pane.
From there, you can see a list of sections on Wikipedia.

There’s also a new feature that will automatically hide the
rows of the tables to reduce clutter on Wikipedia. If you want
to view the entire table, you need to click on the “show more”
button and rows will appear in the table.

The company previously stated that these features are designed
to help users scroll through the content easily.

5. Web capture gets Collections integration

Microsoft is now allowing users to include their web captures
(screenshots taken using Edge) in Collections (another Edge
feature that can be accessed from the toolbar). If you add the
screenshot to collections, those captures will sync across all
your devices.

In addition to Web Capture integration, Microsoft Edge now also
lets you open Collections in a flyout. According to Microsoft,
this makes it easier to add items to a collection and it can
also save you clicks so you can focus on your projects.

6. New theme colours

Microsoft Edge themes

Microsoft is introducing support for new default colourful
themes to create a beautiful and immersive visual experience.
Users can use their themes for each profile to distinguish
different profiles for home, school or work accounts.

These themes will also apply a new background colour to the new
tab page, tab bar, address bar, and other parts of the browser
except the web pages. If you need to moe themes, you can find
them in the Edge or Chrome store.

7. Blocking auto-playing video

Edge now blocks auto-playing video automatically.

8. Mini menu and dictionary

Microsoft Edge 91 comes with a new mini contextual menu to
quickly access useful tools when highlighting text. There’s
also a new feature called “Define” that can be used to define
text without leaving the web pages.

For enterprise customers, Microsoft is enabling support for a
feature that will allow users to view Microsoft Information
Protected (MIP) files across tenants.

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