Microsoft Edge 91 beta comes to iOS with a unified codebase

Microsoft Edge for iOS

Nearly two months ago in early March, Microsoft announced at
Ignite 2021 conference that it was moving Edge to a common
codebase for the mobile and desktop later this year.

Edge for Windows and Linux already use the latest version of
Chromium. After releasing the
upgraded Edge in the Play Store, Microsoft looks set to
bring its unified Edge browser to iOS users. Now in beta, the
unified Microsoft Edge for iOS could arrive to all users before

By using a common codebase, Microsoft aims to deliver new
features for mobile and desktop users at the same time. This
change will result in “engineering efficiency” for the
Microsoft Edge team as features for enterprises, developers and
consumers can now be enabled across all platforms at the same

“The [unification of codebase] is just the first step. This is
going to improve our engineering efficiencies, and what does
that get us? It allows us to innovate more on mobile now. We
can bring over those features thoughtfully from the desktop,
where they make sense,” Microsoft said at Ignite.

Microsoft unified

The approach will also result in much-needed performance and
experience improvements between different versions of the

For obvious reasons, the underlying rendering engine on iOS is
still WebKit, but the codebase has been updated with support
for new features available on Android and desktop.

Unified codebase support will ensure feature and design parity
across all platforms and rendering engines.

Microsoft Edge 91 beta is now available on iOS

Today, Microsoft has released the first beta build of Microsoft
Edge 91 for iOS users and it matches the desktop version.

Microsoft Edge 91 iOS

Microsoft Edge 91 (beta) features an improved interface, a new
menu layout, and more.

It also comes with a new reading mode and access to
experimental flags. Using the experimental flag menu, users can
force enable dark mode on all web pages.

Microsoft Edge Beta 91

The new Microsoft Edge is available as TestFlight beta and
you can sign up

Microsoft is currently inviting 10,000 users to beta test the
browser and it seems to be open at the time of writing.

“Want to be one of the first to preview what’s new? The
Microsoft Edge preview channels
are now available for mobile! This is the Microsoft Edge Beta
channel for iOS. The Beta channel is the most stable Microsoft
Edge preview experience. With major updates every 6 weeks, each
release incorporates learnings and improvements from our Dev
and Canary builds,” Microsoft said.

In our tests, we observed that the browser is now faster and
smoother than before, and it still comes with all the existing
features, such as cross-device sync.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received a full changelog for the new
Edge beta build.

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