Microsoft Edge 86 is now available with a bunch of improvements

Microsoft Edge 86

Microsoft Edge 86, which is based on Chromium 86, is now
rolling out to everyone on Windows and macOS. Edge 86 is a big
release with a bunch of improvements, including a new feature
that lets you select custom image for your new tab page and
configure DoH (DNS over HTTPs).

In Edge 86, users can use the browser’s default user interface
and test sites using Internet Explorer rendering engine. For
developers, Microsoft is also adding a new option that would
help them load a tab directly in the IE mode.

Interesting, Microsoft is introducing a new rollback feature
that lets advanced users revert to the previous version of Edge
if they notice issues after new updates.

For consumers, Microsoft is also introducing a bunch of useful
improvements highlighted below.

Improved Download manager

Edge is finally getting an improved version of Download
manager. Starting with Edge 86, you can now delete downloads
from your local drives using the browser itself, which means
that you don’t have to leave Edge if you want to empty your
downloads folder.

PDF reader is getting even better

Microsoft Edge is one of the best PDF readers for Windows and
it’s now getting support for multiple new features in this

For instance, the update adds “Table of contents” support to
PDF documents to help you easily navigate through different
topics of books or long documents.

Likewise, you can now easily access all PDF features on small
farm factors, such as a tablet or 12.5-inch laptop.

Microsoft says you can now finally experience stutter
free-scrolling on long PDF documents.

Likewise, Microsoft will also allow users to directly highlight
text on PDFs with their digital pen, such as a Surface Pen.

Security improvements

Edge update is introducing support for secure DNS
(DNS-over-HTTPS) feature that will allow you to enable
encryption for your DNS queries to reduce online tracking.

Edge browser will also alert you when your passwords are found
in an online security breach. This feature works only when you
sync your password to Edge and breach has been confirmed in
Microsoft’s repository.

Custom image for the New Tab Page (NTP)

Edge NTP custom images

Microsoft will finally allow you to select a custom image for
the new tab page and replace the default images.

In Canary builds,
Microsoft is also rolling out support for a new screenshot
tool and custom themes.

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