Microsoft details its new tab management feature for Chrome

Chrome and Timeline

In January,
Microsoft released the first Chromium-based version of Edge
on Windows 10, Windows 7 and macOS. Since Edge is now based on
Chromium, Microsoft has been actively contributing to the

Earlier this week,
new details emerged about how Microsoft is collaborating
with rival Google on a new feature for Chromium-based browsers
like Chrome. New tab-management feature, which is being
developed by the Windows giant, demonstrates the power of
open-source software.

After Google engineer’s friendly request, Microsoft said it
will port Chromium Edge-exclusive feature to Chromium, which
will benefit Chrome and other browsers.

The new tab management feature will allow users to transfer a
group of tabs from one window to another. This feature already
exists in Microsoft Edge and it’s now headed to Chrome after
Google liked the idea.

Edge tab management feature

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can right-click on
a single tab and send it to a new browser window. It’s useful
if you want to organize your browsing activities across
multiple windows.

In a new patch,
which is under review, Microsoft engineer shared more details
of the tab management feature:

“The option replaces the “Move tab to new window” entry if
there is at least one other window that can be moved to. Inside
the submenu, there is an option to create a new window or to
choose any existing windows of the same profile,” the patch

If there are multiple tabs in a window, the context menu will
display “PAGE_TITLE and x more pages” to fit them within an
allotted pixel width.

“First the length of the “x more tabs” extension is calculated,
and the title is elided based on how much width is left from
the default 400 pixels. In addition, the title is always
guaranteed at least a few characters if the extension is
extremely long,” Microsoft noted.

It’s very likely that the feature will land in Chrome Canary in
a week before Google implements the change in Chrome stable

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