Microsoft details a new feature that will boost Chrome and Edge

Edge browser update

Microsoft has been working on a new
‘tab restoration’ feature for the open-source Chromium
platform that will improve the performance of both Edge and
Chrome. In a new design doc, Microsoft has finally detailed how
it plans to improve browsers’ tab retention and improve your

It is normal for users to accidentally close their browsers and
lose open tabs, including their important browsing sessions.

Google Chrome comes with the tab retention feature to restore
lost tabs and allow users to resume their browsing session, but
this feature is far from perfect.

Google Chrome currently comes with “Snapshotting Command
Storage Manager” that uses a “current session” and a “last
session” logic to detect when a new session is created and when
the previous session becomes the last session.

When a new session is created, Google Chrome deletes any other
files, such as the previous last session, from disk and the
data is lost. This affects the function of tab restoration and
retention in the browser.

Microsoft is proposing a new feature for both Chrome and Edge
that will use a new current session and stored sessions
architecture. Unlike the current architecture, the stored
sessions feature is designed to calculate and use a variable
amount of session files that includes the sessions retained in
storage for tab restore services.

Chromium tab restoration

“The UX for each restore service differs, where session restore
command is used to restore the most recent session, and tab
restore can be useful to restore individual tabs & windows from
multiple previous sessions,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft says this feature is designed for Windows 10, macOS,
and even ChromeOS.

While Microsoft is not aware of any security issues, the
company says this work has the potential to impact the
performance of the read operations of the stored files.

This is because Microsoft’s proposal is designed to increase
the session files for restoring your tabs and there is a
potential impact on increasing read times.

The tech giant has already started making alterations to the
tab restoration capability in Chromium repository and users
might see these improvements benefiting Edge and Chrome later
this year.

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