Microsoft delays its Surface Neo with Windows 10X

Surface Neo and Duo

Way back in 2016, Lenovo launched Yoga Book with dual-screen
for people who prefer to scribble on notepads and those who
draw pictures to illustrate ideas. Yoga Book was able to take
advantage of the stylus- and touch-friendly Windows 10 than any
other device.

Nearly a decade after Microsoft cancelled its Courtier device,
PC makers desperately want dual-screen hardware to become a
thing. The dual-screen hardware has been teased at multiple
occasions by PC and chip makers such as Asus, Dell, and Intel.

In October, Microsoft announced that the dual-screen hardware
will get some much-needed software backup: Windows 10X. At its
Surface event, Microsoft revealed Windows 10X, which is a
version of the operating system designed specifically for these
new form factors and its own Surface Neo, a dual-screen device.

Surface chief Panos Panay said Windows 10X is a brand new
expression of the company’s operating system and it has been
created for the new breed of devices.

Microsoft has been releasing more details of Windows 10X to
developers ahead of Surface Neo’s holiday 2020 launch, but the
company is now pushing back the project to 2021 due to the
recent health issues around the world.

Microsoft is no longer planning to launch the new Surface Neo
later this year. Windows 10X launch for Surface Neo and other
dual-screen hardware such as Lenovo Fold is being pushed to
2021 due to the medical outbreak.

Surface Neo, which was supposed to be the first device to run
Windows 10X, will not make an appearance this year. All similar
models that were supposed to launch in holiday may not ship
with Windows 10X.

Chief Product Officer Panos Panay has reportedly reached
out to its Surface and Windows team members to inform that the
project won’t go live in 2020. Originally, Surface Neo was
projected to go live in the holiday season of this year
alongside dual-screen devices from  Lenovo, HP, and

The good news is that Microsoft is now prioritizing Windows 10X
for single-screen and traditional laptops.

Fortunately, Surface Duo with Android 10 won’t be delayed and
it could still launch in the summer or holiday 2020.

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