Microsoft Defender software to combat malware on iOS and Android mobile platforms

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Microsoft is bringing its fight against cyber criminals to more smartphone users as the tech giant announced Thursday that its Microsoft Defender antivirus software will be available for the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

  • Microsoft shared the news in a blog post, and via a preview for CNBC. While malware on smartphones is not as common a threat as it is for PC users, Microsoft corporate vice president Rob Lefferts told CNBC it can happen to the Apple and Google platforms. “They’re pretty safe, but pretty safe is not the same as safe,” he said.
  • The Defender software, formerly known as Windows Defender, isn’t designed to act like a traditional antimalware program, as CNBC notes that it’s intended to prevent people from visiting online destinations that Microsoft deems unsafe, such as apps found outside the Google Play store.
  • Business users rather than consumers appear to be the initial priority for the effort, which is coming later this year. Support for Linux was also part of Thursday’s announcement.

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