Microsoft could soon announce the big Windows 10 revamp

Windows 10 new teaser

For Microsoft, 2020 was all about Teams, Office 365, and new
Surface products like the
Surface Laptop Go. Windows had another boring year and two
feature updates in 2020 focused on patching bugs and minor
features. However, in 2021, there are multiple reasons to be
excited about the future of Windows.

According to various reports,
Microsoft is said to be working on Windows 10 Sun Valley
update, Windows 10X, Cloud PC, and native Android apps

In 2021, Microsoft is planning
to hold “special events” to highlight the upcoming improvements
to enterprise products, gaming, security and Windows. The first
special event is on February 4 and CEO Satya Nadella will be
talking about the future of Microsoft 365.

After the Office 365 event, Microsoft is also planning events
focused on consumer products, such as Windows and Gaming.

Start MenuThe event focused
entirely on ‘Windows’ is expected to happen later this year. By
the time of the event, it will have been nearly a whole year
since Microsoft has shown off any consumer-facing features for
Windows  – and three years since the big Creators Update.

The tweet from Microsoft adds nothing more for us to speculate
upon, but the timing could not be better. Judging purely by the
number of leaks and job listings spotted online, it’s high time
for the company to discuss the future plans.

Windows 10 apps

If we’re really lucky, Windows 10 Sun Valley update could also
be teased in the next few months. Then, there’s the possibility
of long-rumoured Project Latte, which aims to bring Android
apps to Windows 10.

In addition to these two rumoured updates, Microsoft is also
planning to discuss the future of Windows 10X and how it plans
to compete against the likes of Chromebook in the education

Note that Microsoft has yet to announce the Windows and other
special events, but the multiple announcements are reportedly
scheduled for 2021.

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