Microsoft could launch a iPhone dock for Windows 10 devices

HP Elite X3 with dock
Image Courtesy: The Verge

In late December 2019, the U.S. Patent Office published a
patent application showing off Microsoft’s docking station for
an iPhone that is designed to connect to a Windows 10 device.

Spotted by us, the patent application simply titled ‘User
Peripheral’ was filed by Microsoft in July and published by
USPTO in December 2019.

The patent application is fairly new and it shows off a device
that comes with at least one speaker and control logic to
enable voice or video call service when the iPhone is docked.

The docking station includes a button to answer an incoming
call in Skype or Microsoft Teams environment.

iPhone docking station
Image Courtesy: USPTO

A user can turn on the system or perform activities via Apple
Siri integration and the device can also detect ‘predetermined
audio command’ such as a user clapping his or her hands.

“In some embodiments the peripheral may additionally be
configured to provide the function of a speakerphone,
comprising at least one integrated speaker and/or at least one
integrated microphone. “The docking station may also be
configured to charge a battery of the mobile terminal 102 when
so docked,” Microsoft noted in the filing.

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