Microsoft could be working on stylish Surface Pen with fabric covering

Surface Pen photo

Another Microsoft patent has been spotted, and this time around
it’s for the Surface Pen, which is a nifty accessory that is
designed to improve your experience with your flagship
Microsoft hardware.

and it was published on
September 3 by WIPO. The invention is essentially a fabric
cover for the Surface Pen that would allow the stylus to stand
out. In one example, Microsoft noted that it will cover the
surface of the stylus with “fibres woven”.

In addition, the fabric will shrink when the tube inside the
stylus is heated above a threshold temperature. The patent
describes another method where the pen features more structural
fibres in its seamless tube, which would encircle at least a
portion of the electronic device.

In one example, the seamless tube could also take the form of a
cylinder with substantially uniform diameter along its length.

Surface Pen fabric patent

“For example, the above figure shows another example of a
textile covering for the pen that comprises a seamless tube
including a tapered end that form-fits to a tapered portion of
the pen,” the patent reads.

Microsoft says its fabric-covered Surface Pen will be
visually-appealing and offer a pleasing tactile user interface.
The fabric loop has an adhesive stripe, so you could easily
stick it to your Surface Go and use it as a pen holder.

The design upgrade plus retained features will make this
patented device a considerable improvement over Microsoft’s
current Surface Pen lineup.

It’s important to note that Microsoft already makes a number of
high-profile Surface products that feature “Alcantara” fabric,
including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro.

Alcantara is a fabric that is made in Italy and it looks much
like suede, which is a type of leather with a napped finish.
Alcantara is made of 68 percent Polyester and about 32 percent
and polyurethane, but other materials that make the fabric
stand out is unknown and confidential.

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