Microsoft could be on the verge of finalizing Windows 11 22H2 release date

Windows 11 22H2 release date

Microsoft has issued Windows 11 Build 22610 with a load of bug
fixes, improvements and a few new design features, including
support for accent colours in Task Manager. Apparently, this
preview build doesn’t come with a ‘technical preview’ watermark
on the desktop, suggesting that the RTM version of the version
22H2 will be finalized soon.

As Microsoft has previously noted in its blog posts prior to
the release of Windows 11, the lack of a watermark at the lower
right-hand corner of the desktop doesn’t necessarily mean the
development of the next feature update is over, but it is an
indication that we’re one step closer.

Microsoft will begin checking the final code in preparation for
releasing Windows 11’s next unnamed update. So this really is
the final stretch, then. Additionally, according to a scoop,
Windows 11 version 22H2 could launch a bit early than the
traditional feature updates which were released in October or

As mentioned at the outset, Microsoft has published a new
update in both Dev and Beta channels with a load of
improvements, and apparently, this won’t be the last build as
more changes will be shipped before the RTM version of the
Windows 11’s first big update is finalized.

What exactly is new in the latest Windows 11 builds?

Microsoft is currently shipping preview builds from the Nickel
development branch and there are sizable minor changes as the
addition of major changes was frozen a little while back, but
some of the improvements could still show up in the forthcoming

A large number of bugs have been addressed in
Windows 11 Build 22610, the latest preview build as of May
1. These include erratic behaviour from the taskbar, various
issues with File Explorer, and a weird bug whereby Explorer.exe
crashes repeatedly in a loop in the latest builds for a small
per cent of testers.

Task Manager in 22H2

Task Manager is getting a colourful new look that respects both
dark mode and system accent colour in a bid to create a
more consistent experience on Windows 11.

In terms of new features, there aren’t too many changes. It’s
not yet clear when tabs will be added to File Explorer, but
Microsoft has confirmed refinements for Explorer. As per the
release notes, the context menu is becoming faster.
Additionally, Microsoft is also testing a new sidebar design
for Explorer.

Windows 11 22H2 improvements

This first update to Windows 11 also brings back drag and drop,
the ability to pin more icons in Start Menu.

While version 22H2 is going to be a positive update, some
Windows 10-era features that were removed in the original
Windows 11 release, still cannot be found here. This includes
the calendar flyout which was abruptly removed from the OS or
the ability to ungroup taskbar icons.

So far, it looks like Windows 11 22H2 will be about minor
improvements more than visual flair and bug fixes if we don’t
consider the app updates.

Regarding the release date, nobody knows exactly when the
anniversary update will debut, but there’s a chance that it
will be out in August or a bit later.

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