Microsoft confirms Windows 11 new issues: BSOD and app crashes

Windows 11 new issues

Microsoft is expanding the rollout of Windows 11 version 21H2
over the coming weeks due to a “high rate of positive update
experiences”. At the same time, Microsoft has confirmed two new
issues in the operating system: Blue Screen of Death caused by
compatibility issues with Intel driver and Microsoft Installer
(MSI) failure affecting app updates or repair.

Windows 11 BSOD has been caused by Intel SST drivers, though
the bug is only affecting folk using certain versions of Intel
SST drivers. Microsoft says
version and earlier or of Intel Smart
Sound Technology (Intel SST) are particularly affected by Blue
Screen errors.

Thankfully, Microsoft is working with Intel on a new version of
drivers compatible with Windows 11. For now, Microsoft has now
placed an upgrade block on affected PCs and suggested users to
update drivers as soon as possible. If the driver update is not
offered by OEM, you should install it manually from Intel’s

Updating to new drivers is the easiest way to remove upgrade
blocks and prevent Blue Screen of Death errors on Windows 11.
You can verify if you’ve Intel Smart Sound Technology in Device
Manager > System.

“We recommend that you do not attempt to manually upgrade using
the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this
issue has been resolved,” Microsoft said.

Windows 11 app crashes

Additionally, it looks like Windows 11 has suffered another
hitch for some users with the operating system’s November 2021
cumulative update. The problem, which reportedly affects
certain apps including some apps from Kaspersky, prevents app
updates or repair using Microsoft Installer (MSI).

If your Windows 11 installation has run into issues with
Microsoft Installer (MSI), some unknown apps might fail to
open, update or repair.

In a support bulletin, Microsoft said users need to uninstall
the affected app manually from Settings or Control Panel, then
install the latest version to fix crashes.

Surprisingly, the bug also appears to be hitting Windows 10 and
Microsoft is looking into the reports. The software giant has
promised a resolution and fixes will be published in an
upcoming release.

there are other problems affecting the performance of Windows
11 and File Explorer, but that won’t be fixed anytime soon.

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