Microsoft confirms modular Windows 10 is coming to laptops

Windows 10X desktop

Microsoft has now confirmed that the modular version of Windows
10 is finally coming to regular, single-screen laptops and
notebooks first.

The delays associated with the health crisis around the world
have pushed back the launches of Surface Neo and other
dual-screen PCs. The dual-screen Windows devices are
apparently off the table for 2020 and Microsoft says it has
found a new home for its modular Windows 10X.

The development of Windows 10X for traditional clamshells and
two-in-ones is now the priority. Windows and Surface head Panos
Panay explains reasoning and shift as a way to meet customer

The Redmond firm is working with the OEMs to ship laptops with
Windows 10X, but it’s not yet clear when Windows 10X will
arrive on existing and new hardware.

The Windows 10X could become a replacement for Windows 10 S on
low-cost single-screen and Microsoft will still focus on
Windows 10 for power users, gamers, and workstations.

We’ve all been obsessed with Microsoft’s vision for dual-screen
hardware and Windows for foldable, but since the dual-screen
devices are delayed during the world health crisis, the company
could start positioning Windows 10X for the low-cost market.

Windows 10X single screen

The Windows 10-powered low-cost devices have been criticized as
being expensive and overcomplicated. On the other hand,
Google’s approach with ChromeOS was to integrate web and cloud

ChromeOS are cloud-powered and such low-cost devices met
schools and students’ budgetary needs, an area where Microsoft
has been lagging.

Windows 10X is not a replacement for Windows that we currently
use. Windows 10X is designed to be locked down, so you can only
run trusted apps in the OS and you cannot tweak registry or
modify the system files.

Like ChromeOS, updates will take place quickly in the

Windows 10X

The modular OS runs Win32, UWP and PWAs within own
virtualized container, protecting the OS and your data.

With single-screen devices support, Microsoft could
finally position Windows 10X as a Chrome OS competitor,
something it had initially envisioned when Windows 10 in S mode
was released.

Microsoft has not shared any details on when we can expect
Windows 10X to launch, but it may have been delayed beyond its
original December release due to the health issues around the

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