Microsoft Chromium Edge is now officially available for Windows 10

Chromium Edge for Windows

Back in late 2018, Microsoft announced that it will be
replacing EdgeHTML in Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium to
contribute to the open source community and deliver more
features in a short period of time.

Today, Microsoft Chromium Edge is now officially available for
download for Windows 10 and you don’t need an Insider machine
to run the browser. At the moment, Microsoft is maintaining two
channels for the browser: Dev channel which will be updated
weekly and a Canary Channel which will receive updates

Chromium Edge installer

Microsoft Chromium Edge has a new look and it respects the
modern interface of Windows 10. The Chromium-based Edge
features a clean interface that looks comfortable and

Just like any other web browser, there’s a large address bar
with home page shortcut, a Chrome-like profile icon past that
and a menu to access other features.

Chromium Edge interface

Similar to old Microsoft Edge, there’s also a news feed on the
start screen if you choose Informational or Inspirational
homepage layout.

Edge menu

The start page also has frequently visited sites and the list
can be edited. The inspirational layout also displays a screen
image which is tied to Microsoft’s Bing service.

There’s a redesigned settings page and you can also install the
Chrome extensions in Edge. It is worth noting that Microsoft
Chromium Edge is still in preview and you may encounter
unexpected bugs.

You can download Microsoft Chromium Edge from here.

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