Microsoft brings the rebranded News app to Windows 10 with Fluent Design

Microsoft News on Windows 10

Microsoft is also rebranding the Microsoft News app on
Windows 10, after the company previously released it
on Android and iOS. The new name is more straightforward and
brings it in line with similar apps on all app platforms.

It’s worth noting that the updated version of Microsoft News is
available for the Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, and it’ll
be rolled out to the public soon., will retain its name, but the app is being rebranded
as Microsoft News on all platform. Microsoft News comes
with the same feature package as the original MSN News app, but
also includes a touch of Fluent Design on Windows 10. Microsoft
News comes with a series of improvements on all platforms,
and it can deliver better news suggestions to users.

As Microsoft News is just a facelifted version of MSN
News, it comes with same design and features.

Just like MSN News, the Microsoft News app also shows breaking
news alerts, has a dark theme. Microsoft is also adding a new
option called “Get Microsoft News” to the sidebar, and it
allows you to find the app on Android and iOS.

“This curation process is global, using editors with local
expertise. Today, there are more than 800 editors working from
50 locations around the world – including editorial newsrooms
serving multiple regions in India, Germany, France, Mexico,
Canada and Spain. Many of our editors have extensive
backgrounds in media and journalism and have worked at a
variety of news organizations,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

You can download the Microsoft News app on Windows 10 and
Windows 10 Mobile devices as well. It’s worth mentioning that
Weather, Sports and Money apps are also getting a new update
with Fluent Design’s acrylic effect on the hamburger menu or

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