Microsoft brings several improvements to Bing Maps for UK market

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Microsoft is working on bringing several improvements to its
Bing Maps experience especially for UK market. The new feature,
the company says will improve the users’ experience by helping
them in searching for addresses, places, maps etc on
and Windows Maps app.

UK Bing users will be able to search for address on
with them being able to see the exact location of the address
on the map. The maps also help users to solve queries regards
to cities, countries, postcodes and more.

Users will be able to see what businesses are available in the
address when they search for a particular address helping them
to easily identify different businesses in the same location.

Searching map on from desktop will display a map
answer based on your location apart from auto suggesting
different places which you might be interested in. Bing
now  lists users with alternate driving routes and provide
information like the amount of time which will be spent if you
are stuck in traffic.

Bing team is also adding a new “Search along the route” feature
allowing users to find restaurants and new places when you are
planning or are already on a planned trip. Latitude and
Longitude queries on and Bing will provide you with
the associated address location by giving you a list of
businesses near by.

As reported these Map features are currently available and
being rolled out to Bing and users in UK and we expect
these features to be rolled out to more markets in days to

If you are in UK then make sure to try out the new improvements
to the Bing Maps and let us know your experience in the
comments below.

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