Microsoft brings new features to its Bing search engine

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Microsoft earlier in the week announced that it is pushing out
some major new features to its Bing search engine. Bing search
is currently termed as the next best alternative to Google

The Redmond Giant announced that it is working on bringing
advanced data and insights features when users are looking for
hotel information. This option lets users to be able to book
hotels with the best matched option.

The feature allows users to be able to go through several key
details like price, location and more in helping them finding
the cheapest of hotels and rooms according to the budget.

The new update also offers option to view the hotel rates over
a period of time and compare prices of several other hotels
before opting for the best priced hotel.

Some other improvements which Microsoft is pushing out to its
Bing Search engine is allowing users to search for service
providers based on specific location and also get a quote and
information of up to 10 providers.

There are also improvements made to the deals and coupons that
are being offered. The search provides users with the deals
across first and third party listings apart from providing
detailed insights into the “expiring soon” deals.

Microsoft states: “Bing now aggregates deals across first- and
third-party listings then displays them when you search for
retailers or coupons. We surface relevant insights like
‘expiring soon’, whether the offers are online or in-store
only, and more.”

Many of the features which have been added are market specific
and have been mostly aimed at the US market. These feature rely
on services which are regularly provided to users in US

Microsoft is currently pushing out the Home services price
range feature to all platforms but other features are desktop
specific. We hope that Microsoft will release the new Bing
Search features across the globe sooner than later.

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