Microsoft Bing search is getting its own AI-powered assistant

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft is building an assistant bot that will appear on search results and it looks quite similar to Cortana
in terms of functionality. The productivity agent called “Chat”
will be able to communicate over Bing search results, and it’s
based on a new experimental AI.

Microsoft has been working on Bing bots for a while now and
they showed off previews of single-purpose bots for local
search results in 2017. This new Bing bot, which could be based
on Microsoft’s bot framework, has been designed to assist users
with their search queries.

As you can see in the below screenshot, users can launch the
Bing assistant by clicking on the new “chat” icon next to the
floating search button. Bing bot, Microsoft’s alternative
to comparable search assistant services like Siri and Google
Assistant – can do more than perform tasks like searching.

Bing chat icon

When I searched for “Windows 10”, Bing bot started a casual
conversation about her new computer and the latest version of

Bing bot

In our tests, we observed that the bot can also recommend
products under a specified price bracket. For example, when I
asked Bing for laptop recommendations under $900, the assistant
suggested Lenovo laptops because they “can run all versions of

Bing chat bot

“It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a laptop that will
last a long time. You should check out the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro as
well, it’s a laptop that has a detachable keyboard,” the
assistant wrote. For some reasons, the Bing assistant did not
recommend Microsoft Surface products.

The assistant is also ready for chit chat, but its chit chat
functionality is currently limited and it would repeat the
texts when it doesn’t have the answer.

Bing chit chat bot

I also asked Bing bot about
Windows 10 Sun Valley Update and the assistant said “it’s a
major update for Windows”. Of course, it’s likely to be a
general response to Windows 10 update questions and it should
not be taken seriously.

Bing chat
Bing chit chat feature

In the past few years, Microsoft has developed Bing Image Bot
and Bing Music Bot, and Bing Assistant is the company’s latest
project. In fact, Microsoft’s team behind Bing developed a
number of cognitive services, such as interactive structured
data search, reverse image search, and Translator service too.

It’s not yet clear when Microsoft is planning to officially
announce the availability of the updated Bing chatbot.

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