Microsoft begins testing Windows 11’s big February 2022 update

Windows 11 February 2022 update

Microsoft recently
announced that it’s planning to release new features for
Windows 11 outside the scheduled fall 2022 update. This year’s
first big Windows 11 update will be released later this month
and Microsoft has now started testing those changes with users
in the Release Preview and Beta channels.

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 is modular and its feature can be
updated via individual Windows Update and Microsoft Updates.
The tech giant is planning to push updates to the existing
features like taskbar by releasing Feature, Web, and Online
Service Experience Packs on top of Windows builds.

These experience packs are delivered alongside the annual
feature updates and they will bring minor improvements/features
to the operating system. On the other hand, Windows 11 feature
updates will add major new features or expand features for some
areas of the operating system.

Microsoft has now published Windows 11 Build 22000.526 in the
Release Preview and Beta channels. The preview update has
brought back support for time and date on multiple monitors in
the OS. After the update, you will be able to add the clock and
date to the taskbar of the rest of the monitors.

There are plenty of problems with Windows 11 and it’s good to
see new features getting added to the taskbar.

Windows 11 taskbar weather

Additionally, Microsoft is also adding support for weather
content to the left side of the taskbar.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the weather widget will
now appear on the left side of the desktop if your taskbar is
aligned in the taskbar. You can also hover over the weather or
click on the button to open the existing Widgets panel on the
left side.

Microsoft Teams and taskbar app window sharing

Microsoft is adding a taskbar feature to share content from
open app windows directly from the taskbar on Windows 11. This
is in addition to a feature that lets you quickly mute and
unmute active video calls from the taskbar.

Windows 11 Teams sharing

Windows 11’s February 2022 update, which can be previewed right
now, you can share content during Teams calls directly
from the taskbar. This will eliminate the need to switch back
and forth between open apps/windows and it aims to make it
easier for users to focus on their meetings.

You’ll be able to share the content by clicking on the “Share
this window” button which will appear underneath the app
preview. You can always click on “Stop Sharing” anytime.

Other improvements included in the build:

  • Microsoft fixed an issue that results in incorrect
    tooltips appearing on the taskbar.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where Offline Files are on the
    network drive after you restart the OS and sign in.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will also begin rolling out
Android support and other improvements via experience packs.

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