Microsoft announces Windows Timeline support for Android and iOS

Timeline in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Build 2018 developer conference is currently
underway and today the software giant announced a lot of key
focuses mainly pertaining to AI, Azure and Microsoft Edge. The
company also took this opportunity to announce that its new
Windows 10 feature called Timeline is arriving for Microsoft
Edge on Android and iOS.

Microsoft announced the Timeline feature with the development
of Redstone 4 aka April 2018 Update which was pushed out to the
general public last week.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update comes with a new feature called
Timeline which lets users organize their past 30 days
activities in one place. Microsoft has already released the
Timeline feature for Microsoft Edge beta on iOS and Android.

The users will be able to view their websites they have
accessed on their phones and PCs in Timeline. You can always
remove any specific activity from the Timeline, and the system
will automatically delete one-month-old activities. Timeline
feature helps users to view all their apps on their PC, laptops
at work or at home. Microsoft Edge users will be able to access
Timeline on their Android and iOS devices.

This would mean that the smartphone users can continue to view
or complete their work which they have started on their desktop
from their iPhones and iPads even if they are unable to
continuously sit in front of their PCs.

Microsoft Launcher on Android is also receiving the Timeline
feature which means that users with Office apps will be
able to take advantage and explore the option to continue
working on their Office documents directly from their

The Timeline feature in Microsoft Launcher might help the
software giant gain more popularity among the users. It is also
worth noting that Microsoft Launcher has more than 10 million
users on Android and is expected to increase in the coming

There has been no time frame given as to when the Timeline
feature will be made accessible to Android users but it should
not be too long.

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