Microsoft announces upcoming changes coming to Office suite

It’s time to stop using Office 2010, says Microsoft, as its
ends support for its legacy productivity suite next month.

As Office 2010 is reaching the end of support on October 13,
Microsoft is urging customers still using the platform to
upgrade to a newer suite, such as Office 2019. In addition, the
tech giant also confirmed that a new standalone version of
Office with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other tools could be
launched next year.

Microsoft has supported Office 2010 for the past decade and
it’s time to find an alternative, according to a new support
document dated September 15.

If you continue using Office 2010 after the deadline, Microsoft
says it will stop offering security updates, feature updates
and technical support in October.

Office 2010

It’s worth noting that apps included with Office 2010 will
continue to operate after support ends, but your device will be
vulnerable to malware exploiting flaws that could hijack

To receive security, feature and non-security improvements
after October 13, users must deploy Office 2019 or Microsoft
365. While Office 2019 is a one-time purchase productivity
suite with one license per computer, Microsoft 365 is a
subscription-based service for multiple devices and it is
updated on a regular basis.

New perpetual release of Office to launch next year

If you don’t like Microsoft 365 and you prefer one-time
purchase license of Office suite, Microsoft said it will
release a new standalone version of Office in the second half
of 2021.

Fortunately, Office 2019 won’t be the last perpetual update and
there are plans to support the consumers that are interested in
a one-time purchase license.

The new perpetual release of Office was announced by Microsoft
during the Ignite 2020 conference. With the perpetual version
of Office, you’ll be able to purchase the productivity suite
for once and use it forever.

Office 2021/2022 update is expected to come with Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Exchange, SharePoint, Outlook, and more.

Microsoft hasn’t shared details regarding the new name,
features and pricing yet.

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