Microsoft announces new OneDrive feature for Windows 10

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Microsoft today announced that it
is rolling out a new feature for its OneDrive app for Windows
users. The new feature Known Folder Move allows users to
automatically move their stored data in known folders to

Users with data stored in Desktop, Documents, Pictures can now
be uploaded to the cloud without effecting the productivity.
The data is uploaded in the background to the OneDrive and
users can move all the data to OneDrive and vice versa on other

However for users to be able to use this feature you would need
to sign in with the same Microsoft account on all the devices.
This Known Folder feature is expected to be made available to
Insiders starting this week and will be rolled out to all users
by end of next month.

Microsoft is also introducing new options for the IT admins
with the new feature which lets the IT admins to set up group
policies for users in the network who would like to configure
Known Folder Move and upload the data to OneDrive.

The IT admins will also be able to redirect Windows known
folders to OneDrive without the users getting notified of the
upload. The admins have also been given the rights to prevent
users from redirecting the Windows known folders.

In a statement Microsoft explains: “This setting lets you
redirect your users’ Documents, Picture, and Desktop folders to
OneDrive without user interaction. This policy works when all
known folders are empty, and on folders redirected to a
different OneDrive account. We recommend using this policy
together with “Prompt users to move Windows known folders to

The new Known Folder Move feature is available and works with
all the Windows versions which are currently being supported by
Microsoft, meaning, users with Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10
will be able to take advantage of the new feature.

Any of our users enrolled as Windows 10 Insiders, do let us
know if you have received the new feature and your first
impressions, in the comments below.

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