Microsoft announces Hotel booking feature and more for Bing

Hotels feature in Bing
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In order to deliver answer faster, last year Microsoft
introduced an intelligent answer feature for Bing. This feature
is powered by Artifical Intelligence. This intelligent answer
gives more comprehensive and accurate information and enables
users to interact more naturally with the search result.

Now, Microsoft is taking one step further in this technology.
Microsoft is expanding the coverage of intelligent answers
by showing various other sources that also verify the same
information. In order to bring more confidentiality Microsoft
will showcase up to 5 different websites that support the
answer. However, as of now, this experience is only
available for the US and UK. You can check out below image for
more information.

Microsoft also
implementing the hotel booking feature in the Bing. Whenever, a
user searches for hotels for the desired location and clicking
on one of the options you will see various information about
the hotel, such as price from different websites, user rating,
availability by date, amenities and more. For the obvious
reason, Microsoft collects these data from various popular
third-party websites such as Expedia, Tripadvisor and more.
Again this feature is only available for the user who lives in
US and UK.

Apart from the above-mentioned changes, Microsoft is also
improving the weather experience. Along with the usual forecast
information, you will see a live radar map of the city you are
interested in. In addition, now Bing also provides
information on nearby cities’ forecasts which includes average
temperature, rainfall, snowfall etc.

Microsoft is working very actively to bring more and more
productive features to Bing. Microsoft’s search engine is quite
popular and it has received significant growth in the past few
years with reports claiming that
20% of “all searches” in the US were from Bing.

The popularity of Microsoft apps on Android and iOS device and
significant growth of Windows 10 are one of the key reasons
behind it. Do you use Bing? Let us know in the comments

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