Microsoft acknowledges a new bug in Windows 10 October update

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10

The most recent cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1903
(May 2019 Update) is causing a series of new problems. On
Saturday, Microsoft confirmed that
Windows 10 update could break down the Start menu with a
critical error and promised a fix in the coming weeks, but
it appears that the same update breaks down yet another

According to several reports,
Microsoft Edge appears to be broken on some PCs and there
are reports of installation failures, too. In some cases, you
will experience Start menu, Microsoft Edge and other problems
after installing

Windows 10 KB4517389 was released on October 8 for all
consumers as an automatic update, and it resolves an issue
breaking down printers.

In a community
post, the Microsoft engineer stated that the software giant
is aware of classic Edge browser issues and a fix will be
delivered to devices in October.

“We are aware of this issue and estimate a resolution to be
released in late October,” the employee stated.

Microsoft is planning to fix Windows 10 Start menu issues with
an optional update in late October as well and it’s possible
that the same update will include a patched Edge browser.

At the moment, Microsoft says it’s not aware of any workaround
but you can always remove this update altogether to address all
the glitches. However, your PC would be left without security
fixes and it could be vulnerable to security problems if you
remove updates published by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday.

A growing list of problems in Windows 10 v1903

Unlike the October 2018 Update, Microsoft correctly handled the
rollout of May 2019 Update and the update was also in the phase
of testing for a considerable time. As a result, Windows 10 May
2019 Update rollout went well enough and fewer users reported
major problems.

While Windows 10 May 2019 Update itself offered a bug-free
experience, the cumulative updates have been plagued by several
problems. The latest
monthly updates affected Printing feature, disabled
networking, broke Start menu, and even caused performance

In related news, Windows 10 version 1909 or
November 2019 Update is nearly ready for release and it’s
likely to be a performance-friendly update.

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