Microsoft: 700 million PCs are running Windows 10

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In November 2017, Microsoft announced that 600 million devices
are running Windows 10. But today at the first day of
Microsoft’s annual developer conference Build 2018, the company
officially revealed that the there are more than 700 million
devices running Windows 10.

This is significant growth of Windows 10. 100 million PCs
over 6 months, that means approximately 16.7 million new PCs
every month. Last year, between October 2016 and May 2016, an
average of 14 million new active Windows 10 PCs were added each

To unlock this achievement, Microsoft is working very hard and
actively to bring more and more advanced, productive,
futuristic features to the Windows 10. Various cross-platform
compatibility features such as Your Phone experience, recently
announced Timeline feature for Android and iOS device,
Microsoft Edge, Cortana delivers the flow-less experience to

Apart from the core-platform Microsoft also working very
closely with various third-party developers too. Microsoft also
announced that they are increasing the share of app revenue
from 70% to 95%. Although, this deal doesn’t include Games
category. The Games category is excluded from this deal. For
Games, the share will be 85%-15% for purchase performed via any
affiliate and promotional links.

This new deal will be available later this year along with new
developer agreement. We’ll soon hear more information about
this deal in upcoming months.

Back in 2015, some reports pointed about that the Windows 10
would see over 1 billion PCs by the end of mid-2018. But
Microsoft comes a very long way. Maybe by the end of this year
or by early 2019 Windows 10 would hit 1 billion milestone.
Because so many health sectors, industries, government as well
as private organizations are about to migrate their systems to
Windows 10.

Microsoft’s continues investment in Mobile Technology and
CEO Satya Nadella’s ultimate mobile device vision will surely
bring the significant growth to the operating system. In
addition, Microsoft is about to undergo a major
reorganization. Microsoft will keep the entire focus on
only 2 main categories: “Experiences & Devices” and “Cloud +
AI.” This has also resulted in a massive leadership change in
various divisions in the company. We’ll soon see how this
reorganization and change in leadership decision shape the
future of Windows 10.

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