Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Gold Third and giant battles screenshots

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR
Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Gold Third and giant battles screenshots

Idea Factory International has released a new set of Megadimension Neptunia VIIR screenshots showcasing the Gold Third and giant battles.

Here is an overview of the Gold Third and giant battles, via Idea Factory International:

Gamindustri’s CPU Goddesses wake up in a different dimension and find their nations are ruled by an unknown quartet who call themselves, Gold Third. Not only do they need to win back their nations and the hearts of their people, but they also have to protect Gamindustri from giant dark versions of themselves!

Take advantage of the “sharing-field” created by Uzume, to hop platforms, use special attacks, and formation skills to defeat these mysterious Giant Dark CPUs!

And here is an overview of the game:


Gamindustri – a world sitting at the convergence of multiple dimensions. Of these existed the Zero Dimension, a world on the brink of collapse.

Zero Dimension’s last guardian, Uzume Tennouboshi, waged a war against a mysterious evil known as the Dark CPU. Her desperate cries for help crossed dimensions and reached Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune, who would leave her world to join the fight.

Their fateful meeting would open the path to a new adventure.

And once their world is saved, they’ll join you in yours!

Key Features

  • Visual Enhancements – Rendered in a new engine, you’ll experience a smoother, richer graphical experience!
  • Waifus go 3D – The Gamindustri Goddesses dimension-hop right into your PlayStation VR headset! For the first time ever, you can interact with the Goddesses in VR one-on-one while they explore you, The Player’s, room.
  • New World, New Fights – A renovated battle system allows you to set each attack combo mid-battle and introduces new elements of strategy and resource-management.
  • Console Wars go Next-Gen – Transform into even more powerful beings with their NEXT forms, and take control of a different set of characters who want to run Gamindustri!
  • Virtual Relaxation – Customize your VR room’s furniture with Nep-worthy looks!

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is due out for PlayStation 4 on May 8 in North America and May 11 in Europe.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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