Mega Miracle Force official website opened, pre-registration now available


Mega Miracle Force

Idea Factory has opened the official website for Mega Miracle Force, its newly announced strategy RPG for iOS and Androids due out as a free-to-play title with in-app purchases in late January 2019 in Japan.

Here are the first official details, via the website:


Pre-registration is available here. Various rewards will be granted to users depending on the number of pre-registrations, including:

  • 10,000 pre-registrations – Stamina recovery items
  • 20,000 pre-registrations – 50 Memory Gems
  • 30,000 pre-registrations – 100 Memory Gems
  • 40,000 pre-registrations – 150 Memory Gems
  • 50,000 pre-registrations – Three-Star Rose (from Generation of Chaos)


A story of adventure, walking with you.

“The Hyperdimension.”

A vast world were numerous races exist.

A mysterious shining star sparkles in the blue sky of the western continent, “Planeptune.”

You are the protagonist who fell to the outskirts of Planeptune like a meteor, crashed and buried into the ground.

When you came to, there were two girls named Neptune and Noire standing before you.

The truth lost in memories. The guardian goddesses unable to transform into their goddess forms. And the battle of what caused it that awaits.

And the world known as the “Goddimension.”

A new journey of adventure where various thoughts intertwine, each seeking the future that they desire, is about to begin.


A dream crossover of Compile Heart’s previously released titles.

Characters will appear in massive numbers from the popular Neptunia series and more. Units will move beautifully on the map and fight.


  • Simple, but deep! A tactical simulation RPG. – Fight on a five-by-seven map while utilizing various attack types such as close range, long range, piercing attacks, knock-backs, and more. Each character has a “speed” stat that determines the order which they take action.
  • Equip “Link Cards” with Illustrations from Each Title – The protagonist has a mysterious power that materializes memories in the form of “Link Cards.” Equip these cards to increase your stats and activate special effects and abilities.
  • A Rich Scenario Set in the Hyperdimension – The scenario follows an original story set in the Hyperdimension. Characters that appeared in Compile Heart games will cross over in this new journey of adventure. Episodes focused on each character will also be added to the game via updates.

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