Mary Skelter 2 ‘Characters & Jobs’ trailer, Murder Hunt details


Compile Heart has released a new trailer, information, and screenshots of Mary Skelter 2. The trailer introduces the game’s characters and jobs, while the information and screenshots introduce the “Murder Hunt” system returning from the original Mary Skelter Nightmares.

Get the details below.

■ System

◆ Battle: Murder Hunt

The Nightmares of Mary Skelter 2 can appear next to you, behind you, and even when you open the menu.

During exploration and as the “Jail’s mood worsens,” Nightmares can unexpectedly appear next to you, when you turn around, and even when you open the menu to surprise the player.

Also, fearsome Nightmares will loiter about the “Cell Area” explored by the player. Since Nightmares are always shrouded in a “White Darkness (Nightmare Zone),” seeing White Darkness means you are steps away from discovering a Nightmare. Look out for White Darkness!

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2

The Murder Hunt against the immortal Nightmares begins.

When you enter White Darkness, a Nightmare will have been discovered. When a Nightmare has been discovered, a real-time escape drama called “Murder Hunt” will begin.

Nightmares are invincible beings that resurrect even if you defeat them. The only way to escape from a Nightmare is to run away to the outside of the White Darkness (Nightmare Zone).

The Nightmare Zone obstructs your field of vision, which makes it difficult to escape. However, you can illuminate the darkness with the blood splattered from enemies.

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 28.

Watch the trailer below.

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