Mary Skelter 2 Characters and Jobs Introduced With This New Official Trailer

Mary Skelter 2 Characters and Jobs Introduced With This New Official Trailer

May 7, 2018Written by Kite Stenbuck

Compile Heart has uploaded a new trailer for their upcoming game Mary Skelter 2 which introduces the game’s playable characters—known as Blood Maidens—and some of the jobs each of them can take.

Just like the prequel Mary Skelter: Nightmares, the Blood Maidens in Mary Skelter 2 will be able to take one of the possible jobs available to them, which will also alter their default attires. During battles, these Blood Maidens can also activate a powerful Massacre Mode (Genocide Mode in the Japanese version) or an even more powerful Blood Skelter Mode; the latter will cause the character to go completely berserk, cannot be controlled by the player, and may attack enemies or even allies.

You can check out a summary of the available jobs in Mary Skelter 2, which we have translated from the trailer right below:

Tuu‘s exclusive job – Stargazer: A job with abundant knowledge and intelligence worthy of the title. She has unique abilities such as amplifying Jail effects.

One of Mermaid Princess‘ jobs – Blood Witch: An offensive magic job which excels in using bloody magic. She can launch powerful magic attacks that cause enemies to bleed severely.

One of Hamelin‘s jobs – Blood Lord: A melee job which can cause a single enemy to bleed to the max. She can unleash an unrelenting single blow that wll cause the field to be drenched in blood.

One of Gretel‘s jobs – Science: A support job which has a lot of abnormality skills. The job also has status-increasing skills, so overall it is noted to have a broad range of skills.

One of Rapunzel‘s jobs – Libero: The all-around job that can be taken by anyone. Depending on how you raise the character, she will be able to perform anything from offense to recovery.

One of Princess Kaguya‘s jobs – Archer: An agile offensive job with high speed. Her sure-hit attack can decimate enemies and is highly valued in many situations.

One of Thumbelina‘s jobs – Seraphist: A support job with healing powers. High healing abilities cannot be overlooked in battles.

One of Snow White‘s jobs – Mimicry: A special job with Marchen techniques. She will get more all-around power as she racks up experience.

One of Sleeping Beauty‘s jobs – Sniper: A long-ranged offensive job with high accuracy. Her shots come with status abnormalities, which will put her enemies into danger.

One of Cinderella‘s jobs – Fighter: A melee job with high HP and attack power. The potential makes her an essential figure to hunt enemies at the frontline.

One of Red Riding Hood‘s jobs – Pierrot/Clown: This job’s quality cannot be measured due to a lot of eccentric abilities. The gambling power with highly randomized effects dwells within.

One of Alice‘s jobs – Paladin: A frontline job with high defense power. A guardian specialized for protecting her allies.

Mary Skelter 2 will be released for PlayStation 4 on June 28 in Japan. An English localization has not been announced for this game yet.

[Source: Compile Heart]

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