Marvel’s Spider-Man: Creative Director Goes Over Mary Jane’s Role


Marvel’s Spider-Man: Creative Director Goes Over Mary Jane’s Role

August 10, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

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Recently, news dropped that Mary Jane has a larger role in Marvel’s Spider-Man than expected. To meet the demands of such a task, Insomniac brought prolific voice actress Laura Bailey on board to voice the iconic character. Apart from MJ being an investigative reporter, a diversion from her typical occupation in the comics, little is known about this version of Peter Parker’s love interest. Based on what Creative Director Bryan Intihar has revealed, it appears she’ll be significant to the overarching narrative.

During a 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man press event in Milan, where he spoke about aspiring to meet the standards set by Rocksteady, Intihar detailed what to expect of MJ in the game. For one, her introduction into the creative process came from the team wanting to explore Peter Parker’s life as it presently stands. How have his friendships and relationships evolved as he has become an adult? Who guides him on his journey?

Intihar explained,

For some, it becomes all about the career and friendships are sacrificed for that, as happened to me, but it’s an age where you feel like you can do everything even though you realize it’s actually not possible.

We asked ourselves how we could reflect all these emotions in Peter’s context since he’s also someone who carries the weight of the world on his shoulder, and we decided it was fair for a superhero to have weaknesses, that he could find himself asking for help without feeling guilty for it. Once we had designed this situation, the obvious question was: ‘Who could help him along this journey?’ and the answer couldn’t but be Mary Jane, a woman that’s been previously featured as an actress, as a club owner, roles that I wasn’t able to fit with everything else in the game.

So, what else could we have her doing? I imagined she could be an investigative reporter, possibly looking into these Inner Demons and what’s happening in New York now that the Kingpin, AKA Wilson Fisk, is out of the game. Ultimately, it was more about deciding what we wanted from Peter and his journey. Mary Jane’s role came as a result of that, to balance everything out.

How this will play into the narrative itself remains to be seen. Since MJ and Peter have been separated for a while in Insomniac’s tale, another question is also raised. Might Gwen Stacy, another of Peter’s famous love interests, make an appearance?

All will be revealed once Marvel’s Spider-Man swings onto the PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018.

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