Manga Kakeru for PS4 launches June 19 in Japan


Manga Kakeru

Manga creation game Manga Kakeru, which first launched for PS Vita in January, will launch for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store on June 19 in Japan for 800 yen, developer Granzella announced.

The game supports cross-buy, so buying one version of the game will get you the other version at no additional cost. However, since the PS Vita version launched at 600 yen (the price has now been adjusted to 800 yen), anyone who purchased the PS Vita version before the PlayStation 4 version is released will be able to purchase the PlayStation 4 version for an additional 100 yen.

The following downloadable content was announced for the PlayStation 4 version:

  • Manga Materials “School Swimsuit” Pack (free)
  • Manga Materials “Music Instruments” Pack (free)
  • Manga Materials “Food” Pack (free)
  • Manga Materials “Sailor Uniform and Gakuran” Pack (200 yen)
  • Manga Materials “Swimsuit and Basic” Pack (200 yen)

Users who purchased the PS Vita versions of this content before the PlayStation 4 versions are released can purchase the PlayStation 4 versions for 10 yen each.

Manga Kakeru enables players to create their own manga, even if you cannot draw or think of a story. It promises an abundance of characters, speech bubbles, scenery, and effects to arrange and combine to create your manga. There is also a “First Chapter Generator,” which lets you generate a manga by playing through an adventure game. You can upload the manga you create to directly from the game.

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