Looking for love online? ‘Amazon Dating’ promises to deliver hot singles, and laughs, with fake website

(Amazondating.co screen grab)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a website called “Amazon Dating” has emerged with a marketplace of shoppable single men and women made to look like love is just a click away. The fake site looks just like the real Amazon.com, and if it’s still around on Feb. 14 then the tech giant must truly have a soft heart.

The site, which we learned about in this New York Post report, is a joke according to the “about” page and a FAQ with questions and answers such as, “Is this for real?” … No. “How does it work?” … It doesn’t. It’s the work of artists Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn, Morgan Gruer and the animation studio Thinko.

Amazon is aware of the site and declined to comment when reached by GeekWire on Wednesday.

Amazon Dating promises hot singles young and old, with free one-hour delivery via Prime. Prices range from $4.99 for 18-year-old Zach to $299.99 for 26-year-old Rizky. Shoppers are encouraged to hurry on 87-year-old Teddy as there is only one left in stock —he’s also the “Deal of the Day.”

Clicking on any of the singles reveals more information about that person. Amy, for instance, below, comes with a warning that she won’t text back.

(Amazondating.co screen grab)

The creators are definitely putting some time and effort into the spoof. Tweets reveal that site updates are coming, and ads are even hanging in Los Angeles and New York.

The website’s menu tab has categories such as “Your Last Relationship,” which links to the Britney Spears YouTube video for “Toxic,” and “Don’t See What You’re Looking For,” which simply sends customers to Netflix.

The “Legal” item clicks off to a “Non-Ghosting Agreement” PDF, snipped below, for users to sign to prevent “unexplained withdrawal from communication for an extended period of time after a minimum of one date.”

(Amazondating.co screen grab)

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