Listen Closely to Hear More About The Quiet Man


Listen Closely to Hear More About The Quiet Man

August 16, 2018Written by Lucas White

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In addition to some cool PlayStation VR news, we have an in-depth breakdown of The Quiet Man, courtesy of Square Enix Producer Kensei Fujinaga. Some of the information here was covered in a recent, Japanese livestream, but here it is in English. Sadly, cool bassist KenKen isn’t involved this time, but we do have a couple of trailers in his place.

First, here’s The Quiet Man‘s “Silent Rings Loudest” trailer:

This first trailer is a narrative teaser. It’s a quick montage that showcases a lot of the live action footage filmed for The Quiet Man‘s story scenes.

The second trailer is a montage of combat footage, which shows off main character Dane dishing out some serious punishment, punctuation with slow motion flourishes.

We also received a demonstration of the The Quiet Man‘s controls, which seem pretty simple. Square is for light attacks, triangle is for heavy attacks, and the circle button is for grappling. These buttons of course can be mixed up for various combos and the like.

Finally, here are some key facts about The Quiet Man:

  • It’s a three-hour immersive cinematic live-action / third-person brawler gameplay experience with seamless transitions from the live action to gameplay. It’s something we feel that’s never been done before at Square Enix.

  • The events of this game take place in a single night as you take on the role of Dane.

  • You play in a soundless world where most of the game is inaudible and you must piece together clues based on each character’s actions, not their words.

  • Some of our other key players are Lala the songstress, police lieutenant Ash who seems to have a connection with Dane, a highly mysterious masked man, and gang members from SOL 33 – Peter and Marcelo.

The Quiet Man doesn’t have a release date, but it is noted in the post that the game was designed to be beaten in about three hours, is coming soon, and will be priced at $14.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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