LG V50 ThinQ’s Android 10 update includes desktop mode

LG V50 ThinQ

One hidden feature of Android 10 is a desktop mode that lets you hook up your phone to a desktop over HDMI. It’s not really advertised by Google because it’s still pretty barebones, but LG is including it with at least some of the Android 10 updates it’s releasing for its phones.

The LG V50 ThinQ got a desktop mode with its update to Android 10 that began rolling out last week. It was discovered by Juan Carlos Bagnell (via XDA-Developers), and he also demoed it a bit on a Twitch stream.

LG’s desktop mode on the is still in early stages, but it does make some improvements on the version that’s built into Android. While the app drawer is just a huge grid of icons, the home screen does look a bit better than vanilla Android.

LG V50 ThinQ Android 10 desktop mode

The video shows the LG V50 ThinQ running a game in both windowed and full screen modes. It’s then shown running the game, a web browser, and a video editing app all at the same time in separate windows that you can move around the screen.

While LG’s version of desktop mode could still use some work, it’s nice to see it included with the V50 ThinQ’s version of Android 10. It can make getting work done using your phone easier since you’re able to hook your phone up to a much larger display, and since you’re using your phone rather than logging in on someone else’s desktop, you’ve got all your data and apps with you.

Would you use a desktop mode like this if your phone had it?

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