LG UX 9.0 update shown on video with refreshed look

LG is updating is custom Android UI, and this week we’re getting a preview of it before it hits phones.

LG UX 9.0 brings with it several improvements. We can see the message list in LG’s Messages app is getting more spaced out, which should make it easier to read. LG is also moving some of the buttons in its apps toward the bottom of the screen to make them easier to reach. For example, the “Dial”, “Call logs”, “Contacts”, and “Groups” buttons in the Phone app are now at the bottom of the screen.

The Gallery, Contacts, and World Clock apps are getting refreshed, too, and LG is adding a Night Mode to UX 9.0. The video shows that Night Mode can be toggled manually or set on a schedule, like from sunset to sunrise.

Notifications in LG UX 9.0 are getting an updated look, and LG is also refreshing its app icons to make them more colorful. It appears that LG is giving its tablet UI an improved design with UX 9.0 as well.

Overall this looks like a solid update for LG. Some of the improvements are reminiscent of Samsung’s One UI, which brought a much-improved look to Galaxy phones. While we haven’t gotten the chance to try LG UX 9.0 ourselves quite yet, this video makes it look like a big improvement for LG’s custom Android UI, and owners of LG phones ought to be excited for it.

There’s no word yet on when we’ll start to see LG UX 9.0 hitting phones, but LG teases that the update is “optimized for LG G8X ThinQ”, so we may see it on that device soon.

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